Salsas PR Box

Enjoy our 4 salsas: El Chamuscado, El Quesudo, La Cruda and La Altanera. 

Product description: 12.17 fl oz Bottle, 0 Calories!

El Chamuscado is our Salsa Quemada with a base of tomatillos, green roasted jalapeños, red roasted jalapeños, and tomatillo. El Chamuscado Salsa is our favorite to add to eggs, carne asada, and guisados. 

El Quesudo is our Cheese Salsa with a base of jalapeño, cheese, and tomatillo. El Quesudo Salsa is our favorite to add to nachos, popcorn, chips, and tacos.

La Altanera is our Salsa Roja with a base of tomatoes, red jalapeño, and green jalapeño. La Altanera Salsa is our favorite to add to carne asada, guisados, tacos, egg, and tamales.

La Cruda is our Salsa Verde with a base of tomatillo, jalapeños and avocado. La Cruda Salsa is a favorite to add to eggs, tamales, guisos or any kind of taco.

Preparation instructions:

Shake well, use with any meal or as a cooking ingredient. Refrigerate after opening.